What is BioSmartStart?

BioSmartStart provides fingerprint authentication and keyless entry for motorized vehicles and motor sports equipment. It connects to the electrical starter of your engine, and once the operator’s identity is authenticated, the device starts the motor.

The BioSmartStart device replaces the use of a key. The biometric authentication system requires only a fingertip swipe to authenticate the user’s identity. The swiper unit itself is remarkably small, so it is easily installed on any sized vehicle, and is very inconspicuous.

BioSmartStart can identify up to 100 fingerprints, so you can authorize as many users as you wish, to be able to start your vehicle. It also has a valet switch, should you wish to deactivate the unit, or allow single-use users.

It’s more than just an alarm system – BioSmartStart is a complete access control system. Only authorized users can start the vehicle. Whether to protect your children from the temptation of joyrides, or to protect your property from unlawful access, BioSmartStart will secure your vehicle, without the complication of keeping track of keys.


How Do I Install BioSmartStart?

The device is very simple to install. Fist Enterprises has a team of professional installers available around the country, but if you are able to install a car alarm or car stereo, you would be able to install BioSmartStart. However, any qualified car alarm or stereo installer could easily install it for you as well.


How Do I Use BioSmartStart?

Each BioSmartStart unit is shipped with a wireless, handheld programmer. LED lights on the unit indicate programming mode, successful programming entry, and valet mode.

BioSmartStart’s valet mode is a convenient feature that can be used when your vehicle needs servicing, or if somebody needs access to your vehicle for only a limited time. When programming your BioSmartStart, you will designate a second finger (such as your ring finger or opposite thumb) to be used to enable the device’s valet mode. When you use the alternate finger swipe to put the device in valet mode, the vehicle will start and operate as if the biometric interface did not exist. To exit the valet mode, simply swipe the alternate finger (or thumb) again, and the LED lights will confirm that the system has been returned to protected status.


Will BioSmartStart Work on My Vehicle?

BioSmartStart will work on virtually any automobile or equipment that has an electrical starting system. Some of the vehicle types that the BioSmartStart system is perfect for include:

  • Any kind of automobile
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Yachts
  • Planes
  • ATVs/Quads
  • Dirt Bikes
  • Golf Carts
  • Jet Skis
  • Scooters
  • Electric Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Fleet Vehicles

Your satisfaction is guaranteed by FIST Enterprises. Every FIST “Bio” product comes with a complete one-year warranty.

BioSmartStart is brought to you by FIST (Fingerprint Identification Systems Technology) Enterprises, located in West Palm Beach, Florida. FIST’s remarkable biometric technology is set to revolutionize the field of biometric authentication interface and engineering.

In addition to the BioSmartStart system, FIST is also responsible for the entire line of “Bio” security devices, including BioPowerOn (for vehicles with separate key start and ignition switches) and BioPowerAccess (more traditional fingerprint keyless entry systems for non-motorized, industrial and commercial applications).

FIST Engineering, a division of FIST Enterprises, offers turn-key production ready solutions utilizing this new authentication solution. FIST Engineering develops applications to fit your industry specifications. From custom fitting our application to your fleet of machinery, to providing specialized GPS tracking, the staff at FIST Engineering has the skills necessary to develop and deploy a solution perfect for your business or facility.