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Whether you own a small business or work for a large corporation, industrial and commercial security is something everyone needs to be concerned with. Employees need to feel safe in their work environment, and employers or owners need to ensure that their business interests are properly protected.

From the smallest operation to the largest conglomerate, FIST Enterprises has the solution to secure your worksite or business facility. Our biometric solution means that you control who has access to your plant or warehouse. You authorize entry or equipment usage,only by approved staffers. FIST’s technology can secure anything that has a lock, without the hassle of keeping track of lots of keys.

The applications for integrating FIST’s technology into your company’s security system are almost limitless. Any piece of equipment, machinery or entry way can be secured using biometric technology. Just a swipe of a fingertip will provide access to only your authorized employees. We supply all the technology necessary to begin using our fingerprint scanning technology, and any existing locking devices or security devices can be retrofitted with our system.

Biometric technology is also a great match for the travel industry, such as hotels, resorts, country clubs and cruise ships – any locations that furnish guests with limited time access. The identity of your paying visitor is confirmed, and no unauthorized visitors can venture onto your property or participate in your private events.

Just a few of our industrial and commercial applications include:

• Any Business Entrance Point
• Hotel Rooms, Cruise Ships, Resorts, Country Clubs
• Truck Cabs
• Safes, Vaults, Lock Boxes, Panic Rooms
• RVs/Campers
• Auto Glove Compartments/Glove Boxes, Truck Storage Boxes, Auto Trunks, Truck Lids & Caps
• Train/Marine Storage Containers
• Heavy Equipment (CATs®, dump trucks, cranes, etc.)
• Storage Facilities
• Warehouses

We welcome your calls and emails about how our technology can be integrated into your applications in the commercial or industrial sector.  Please click here to Contact Us.