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Industry Solutions

The revolutionary growth of the transportation industry has been constant, despite historic changes in the economy and the peaks and valleys of modern industry. The U.S. Bureau of Transit statistics state that, as of 2008, there were approximately 255,917,664 registered vehicles operating in the United States, and this number was projected to increase by 3.69 million vehicles per year. In addition, Coast Guard statistics indicate 12,438,926 boats registered as of 2009. More recently, signs of recovery have been noted in the recreational boating market, as sales increases of 8.5% are reported for 2011.

The need for security systems to protect these investments could not be clearer. Our BioSmartStart, BioPowerOn and BioPowerAccess systems feature a wireless handheld programmer for easy user setup and configuration. Our multifactor security authentication includes 3 sleek, multicolor LEDs that provide programming and user interface feedback. This feedback is provided in universal symbols, which can easily be understood by speakers of any language. BioSmartStart is tailored to specific applications, for motorcycle and power sport, marine, and automotive. All "Bio" products are extremely simple to install.

At FIST Enterprises, we stand by our products and our promise of the most advanced security systems available. Our BioSmartStart system even comes with our FIST Enterprises insurance program; if your vehicle is stolen, we will pay your deductible (up to $1,000). Each “Bio” device also comes with a one year factory warranty.

FIST Enterprises line of “Bio” fingerprint authentication security products can secure access to almost any type of motorized vehicle, lock box or entrance point.Get ready for the security solutions you have been waiting for.


BioSmartStart provides fingerprint authentication for motorized vehicles, motor sports equipment and marine applications. It connects to the electrical starter of your engine, and once the operator’s identity is authenticated, the device starts the motor. BioSmartStart can identify up to 100 fingerprints, so you can authorize as many users as you wish to be able to start your vehicle. It also has a valet switch, should you wish to deactivate the unit, or allow single-use users.

The swiper unit itself is remarkably small, so it is easily installed on any sized vehicle, and is very inconspicuous. Fist Enterprises has a team of professional installers available around the country, but if you are able to install a car alarm or car stereo, you would be able to install BioSmartStart. However, any qualified car alarm or stereo installer could easily install it for you as well.

Each BioSmartStart unit is shipped with a wireless, handheld programmer. LED lights on the unit indicate programming mode, successful programming entry, and valet mode. It includes 3 sleek, multicolor LEDs that provide programming and user interface feedback. Feedback is provided in universal symbols, to be easily understood in any language.

BioSmartStart will work on virtually any automobile, marine craft or equipment that has an electrical starting system. Some of the vehicle types that the BioSmartStart system is perfect for include:

• Any kind of Automobile
• Trucks
• Boats
• Yachts
• Planes
• ATVs/Quads
• Dirt Bikes
• Golf Carts
• Jet Skis
• Scooters
• Electric Bicycles
• Motorcycles
• Fleet Vehicles
• Snowmobiles

BioSmartStart comes in 3 different application types:

• Automotive
• Motorcycle and Powersport
• Marine